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Xiamen Shihui Stone Co., Ltd.
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Sản Phẩm chính: Đá Cẩm Thạch/đá thạch anh/Đá đồ nội thất/tombstone/đá thủ công
Thứ tự xếp hạng3 bán chạy nhất trong Đá cẩm thạchFinished product inspectionConsolidation serviceAnnual export US $3,765,515Years in industry(13)

A professional manufacturer and advisor of stone solutions.


Our value messages



3 factories with more 300 workers and rich range of stone products.


more than 12 quarries and cooperating over 15 years long-term friendship factories  


Supporting over 1000 customers through these 20 years experience.


Unleash the power of stone.

The beauty of nature, in your space.