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Xiamen Shihui Stone Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main Products:Marble Stone; Quartz Stone; Stone Countertops; Stone Table and Table Top; Granite Stone, Marble Stone/Quartz Stone/Stone Furniture/Tombstone/Stone Craft
Multi-Language Capability: Customization From DesignsCompany Industry Experience(12 Year)Customization From Samples

Xiamen Shihui Stone is established by Scott Qiu in 2003 that specializes in various stone products especially in countertops, wall cladding stone, paving stone and monuments. Now, with over 120 employees and 3 additional locations, we have become one of the largest stone manufacturers in the southeast of China.


Our mission at Shihui Stone is 100% customer satisfaction, which is achieved through timely information, accurate order processing and consistent service.


Your TRUST is appreciated wherever you are on this planet, we will never take that for granted. To bring MORE VALUE back to you has always been our commitment.

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